In early 1972, the then government of Bangladesh intended to abolish cadet colleges and redesignate them as residential model schools. Following the announcement, the academic circle of the country expressed anxiety and concern. However, the first effective move to retain the cadet colleges was originated at Faujdarhat Cadet College by the then faculty members, cadets, and several Old Faujians. A ten-member committee headed by Cadet Anwarul Haq (12/0464), was formed. It was named Keep Cadet College Campaign Committee. Through the mass distribution of leaflets explaining the aim, role, and need of cadet colleges, the committee could draw the soft heart of the influential quarters. With the help of senior Old Faujians, the committee met some of the policymakers and could motivate them in their favor. Late General Osmany, the commander of our liberation war, despite being a member of the cabinet, effectively voiced his dissent. The cadet colleges were then retained but under the education ministry. Another move could convince it to be back with the Ministry of Defense. Subsequently, the number of cadet colleges is increasing.

The Old Faujians recorded with deep appreciation the decision of the government to allow the normal functioning of cadet colleges. Old Faujians express their gratitude to all those who acted right at the time for the existence of their alma mater. Special thanks are due to

  • General M.A.G Osmany (Commander of the War of Liberation and the then member of cabinet)
  • Late Dr. Badrul Millat
  • Mr. A. Quddus Bhuiyan
  • Dr. Md. Selim
  • OFn. A.S.Nasim (5)
  • OFn. Nasim Anwar (6)
  • OFn. Jahangir Aminul Haq (8)
  • OFn. Shahed I Khan (9)
  • OFn. Enam Jafree (12)
  • OFn. Nurur Rahman (12)
  • OFn. Late Qayumul Huda (12)
  • OFn. M Anwarul Haq (12)


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