It was possibly in 1972/1973 on the second floor, Mercantile Court, 27 Agrabad C/A, Chattagram idea of working out a logo for OFA came into the thoughts of OFn. Nizamuddin Mahmood Selim (B-09). 



The motif of the logo depicts three aspects of the Old boys’ network syndrome: past, present, and future. That is, Faujians who have already passed out from FCC, who are presently studying in FCC, and Faujians of the future-who are yet to enroll as students of FCC. Three generations spread over contemporaneous time and space practicing a unitary ethos inculcated at one alma mater. The square shape of the logo represents the symmetry and symbiosis of masculinity and strength of character derived from the education imparted at the alma mater.



Three human figures portraying three different kinds of Faujians – past, present, and future – as the chrysalis of the esprit de corps of the generations of students sipped in the tradition of Faujdarhat Cadet College.



Colour of our predominant and most conspicuous uniform in the 6-year Cadet College life: KHAKI, a color that stands for and reflects discipline, duty, and routine at FCC. Despite 4 individual house colors, Khaki epitomizes our unity in diversity. The white color for the three figures represents the purity of character and personality of the Old Faujians.



The ethos of the logo–three human figures in their strides in tandem harness–is the unity and homogeneity of tradition and legacy experienced in the alma mater and practiced with military discipline despite the conspicuous individuality of each figure divided by time and space. Three generations of alumni of Faujdarhat Cadet College in their upright and unitary steps and strides optimizing the pride intrinsic to the unity of tradition, legacy, and folklore of our alma mater.


First Print:

The first print of the OFA logo came out in 1973.



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