Dear Faujians,

I feel privileged to be on this platform which has given me the opportunity to remain associated with many of our fellow Faujians over the last five decades. I am also thankful for the fact that since becoming the Chairman of the Old Faujians Association (OFA) a year and a half ago, I have had more regular contact and interaction with our Alumni members in different capacities. 

To those who have recently graduated from FCC and are now approaching the frontline of economic and social challenges of life, I would like to extend the welcoming hand of OFA and hope you will face the trials and tests of this world with intelligence and confidence. Rest assured, in this voyage you will find your Faujian brothers with you.

In 1960, OFA started its journey as an alumni association with a mission to nurture the life-long brotherhood of its members, for fostering emotional ties, creating opportunities through meaningful collaborative engagements and to contribute to the greatness of the alma mater and the community it belongs to. We convey our heart filled gratitude and profound regards to the late OFn. Abu Naser Haider Ahmed of the 1ST batch who pioneered the association in 1960. In June 1980 OFA was registered with the registrar of RJSC&F as a legal entity for all former cadets of Faujdarhat Cadet College. The article of association of OFA was finally approved and adopted at the EGM in 2019 and was certified by the RJSC&F.

At present, the association has five chapters in Dhaka, Chittagong, North America, Europe and the APEC with the central governing body located in Dhaka.

Apart from engaging Faujians with an array of activities including seminars, social gatherings, get-togethers, family events, games and sports and career counseling through its chapters, the association has also been enthusiastically involved in various social and humanitarian initiatives such has helping people in distress, supplying food and necessary aid to the affected by natural disasters and calamities, arranging scholarships for the meritorious and ‘Free Friday Clinic’ for the financially challenged. Faujians have also come forward to help former staff and employees of the FCC who have fallen on hard times as we consider them as an integral part of the Faujian Family.

The OFA leadership has always nurtured the vision of building an inspiring legacy by upholding the diversity of the Faujians through which the essence of ‘deeds not words’ will be applied for the goodness of its members and the community.

Patriotism and duty towards the nation are at the forefront of the OFA philosophy. We take great pride in remembering the War of Independence in 1971 where fifty former cadets valiantly fought for the liberation of Bangladesh. Eight of them embraced martyrdom and eleven received the most prestigious gallantry awards. 

The Old Faujians Association takes this opportunity to recall with solemn gratitude the forward-thinking decision of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman in allowing cadet colleges to continue functioning in independent Bangladesh. We also remember the Late General M.A.G. Osmani’s momentous role in persisting with cadet colleges after liberation.

OFA gratefully acknowledges the contribution of Professor Mohammad Usuf Ali, the then minister for education and culture for the cadet college education system. The Old Faujians Association extends special thanks to the faculties Late Dr. Badrul Millat, Late Mr. Quddus Bhuiyan and Dr. Md. Selim for their service to Faujdarhat Cadet College.

Traditionally, Faujians have always displayed sincere passion and eagerness both individually and collectively to involve with various components of the society in improving and developing the community. We are now furnished with the power of the digital medium and social media platforms to take OFA camaraderie and connection to a different level. On behalf of the Alumni, I humbly call upon our members to keep working towards a greater welfare bonding and in the process make OFA stronger.



OFn. Mahbub Anam

Batch 16th

Chairman, CGB, OFA 


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